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Our environmental screening addresses issues from a point of sustainability, ensuring your investments are in line with a better, more environmentally friendly future. Portfolios range from removing or reducing fossil fuels to actively supporting alternative energies and so much more. 


Diversity & human rights are a central tenet in our socially responsible investments. Our world is made up of people like us, let's do what we can to treat them with respect and dignity. Our socially responsible portfolios include securities ranging from supporting diversity to encouraging positive community impact.


Shareholders should have a voice and corporate governance should be held accountable for their actions. Our socially responsible portfolios can address issues from board accountability to executive compensation and increasing shareholder rights & advocacy. Better companies make for a better world.


Social(k) has been bringing Environmental, Social and Governance screened investment options to retirement plans for 10 years. It is our mission to provide people with the choice to invest their money in companies that value social and environmental responsibility alongside profitability.

For years investors have asked about Social(k) options outside a company retirement plan. Our partnership with Firefly Advisor offers individuals access to the same ESG options and advice Social(k) plans offer outside the company plan. Social(k) is not compensated for these investments or accounts.

What is SRI?

Socially Responsible Investing is about making investment decisions based not only on financial performance, but also on the investment’s capacity for social, ethical or environmental good.

It’s also known as…                                

• Values-Based  investing
• Green investing

• Impact investing
• Ethical investing

AMOUNT of Assets under MANAGEMENT in SRI at the end of 2011.
PERCENT increase in ASSETS under management invested in SRI from 2009-2011

Socially Responsible Investing

Your investments should be in line with your beliefs and your values. With experience in Impact Investing, Microfinance, Crowdfunding, & Socially Responsible Investments, our Advisors will help you ensure that your investments are living up to your values. Popular strategies include Sustainable, Fossil Free, Socially Conscious, Green, Ethical or Impact Investments; Community Investing, Renewable Energy, or Environmental Responsible Investing.

The breadth and availability of Socially Responsible Investing and investment opportunities in the global community have grown immensely in recent years, giving investors the ability to more effectively use their investments to provide constructive and positive impacts locally and throughout the world.

We are committed to understanding your values, goals, and desires for your financial assets and working with you to ensure they are invested toward the issues of your choice. We assist in helping you understand your choices and implementing them for you. We devote the time and energy into research and proper implementation so that you can know the impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues related to your choices.

Our advisors utilize the supportive organizations such as The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment (USSIF) which promotes sustainable, responsible and impact investing. Similarly, our advisors partner with GMI Ratings, the leading independent company that “provides global research coverage of the environmental, social, governance and accounting-related risks affecting the performance of public companies. GMI Ratings is a signatory to the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).”

We select investments that we believe will provide the potential for a favorable return but will also be consistent with the beliefs and ethical preferences that clients have made known to us. Socially responsible investing securities can be more volatile than other securities. Our firm’s interpretation and application of its social and environmental standards are subjective and may evolve over time. There is a risk that information used by our firm to evaluate the social and environmental performance of issuers, industries, markets, sectors, and regions may not be readily available, complete, or accurate.

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